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Legal Rights Of A Lesbian

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This attempt is to give them equality under the eyes of law, and prevent sexual discrimination. The lesbian partners can share a common life and in case of the death of a partner all the property can be transferred in the name of the living partner if such a will is made by the dead lesbian partner. They are legalised to have their own family and enjoy their freedom. The society hesitates to accept lesbianism because of the fact that this conjugation will not give rise to a progeny. But as this is a trait, just like your affinity towards a particular colour, or food or anything, it cannot be denied. The lesbians have revolted in many cases to break the marriage license that only allows a male and a female to marry but they demanded same sex marriage acceptance.

Right To Equality And Antidiscrimination Laws

The ongoing controversy of legalising the relation of lesbians have finally landed into a conclusion that states prohibition of discrimination in the field of jobs, employments, housing, public recognition, social status, public services on the basis of homosexuality or sexual orientation. They have the full rights to pursue their career, their life as passed by law in the legislature. The homosexuals fought legal battles screaming out their views and lastly they have been pacified by the acceptance of their demands. A gay or a lesbian cannot be dismissed or disqualified in any filed based on sexual orientation. A genuine ground is a must for refusing them a job or making them unemployed.

This is the most benefitting side in case of homosexuals, as they don’t indulge themselves in sexual practices, so they have minimal chances of suffering from sexually transmitted diseases like HIV AIDS, gonorrhoea, syphilis as acquired from bisexuals or heterosexuals. But there is more chances of spreading sexually transmitted infections through vaginal fluids, oral mucosa, menstrual fluid. Lesbians are also at a stake to develop a heart disease, or breast, lung cancer due to lack of fitness. Moreover they also experience dysuria, or burning micturition and so many other ailments that are not so fatal. But a narrow gap prevents them from escaping from depression due to social stigma.

What Lesbians Can Do To Improve Their Health Conditions?

They can take plenty of fruits, or have a balance diet, have regular consultation with the doctor and moreover focus on improving their life style by undergoing special therapies of reparative that do much more beyond sexual orientation through proper advice and valuable counselling. You must keep in mind that lesbianism is not a disease or a disorder; it just needs a thorough counselling making them recognise their inner self to realise the actual need of sexuality. They need freedom to build their own world and must be respected. They must not be discriminated but we must acknowledge their trait and see them as our own reflection. There is nothing greater than the practice of humanity in this world.