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Even the academic section has decided to highlight the phenomenon and to bring in light about the submerged themes of the lesbians and lesbianism through literature describing all details about the life style of them in lesbian literature. You can find facts, fiction about lesbian characters and topics related to the interest on lesbianism. You can also find huge collections of fiction related to history, science, all depicting about lesbianism. History has witnessed the first novel based on lesbian themes known as The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall.

The Concept behind The Promotion Of Lesbianism Through Literature

The main motto is to give them their rights of which they are deprived. Nothing more can we do for them except allowing them to breathe in the fresh air. You must not outcast them from the society or label them as untouchables. Even they have the right to freedom of speech, thought and expression, and just because of this reason the various authors from worldwide made an attempt to socialise this concept and give them their rights. This concept is a 20th century reconstruct where equal rights for all was the slogan claiming freedom and acceptance for lesbians, gay, trans genders and other homosexuals.

How The Lesbians Survived The Society’s Slam

It was very difficult for the Lesbos to survive in the society and still it is a big challenge to overcome. They could not mix with other people and it was form, of social black out for them. They were debarred from all the festivals, rituals and other sacred ceremonies as they were considered inauspicious. Therefore, women leading a vegetative life or living in homosexuality often hid their identity and formed a closed world of their own deprived of support and love. They had their own way of living surrounded by their type of people and thus it led to the new beginning of their life. Surviving the harassment and the mockery from the society was and is the toughest nut to crack till date.

Lesbianism Is Not A Disorder

People take it as a mental disorder or think it as illness, but the case is not so. It is not a disorder to be cured or treated it is a comprehensive sexual orientation giving rise to strong affinity or love between the same sex. The Lesbos are neither mentally distorted nor they exhibit physical challenges. But yes, you can surely opt for reparative or conversion therapies that are likely to impact their sexual orientation. To be very bold and right; lesbianism is a character particular or a trait that one has acquired in a life time due to some mental pressure or a history of stress as explained by the psychologists. Lesbians require more of mental orientation as a therapy rather than physical orientation. So the call of the hour is proper counselling and support that will help them come out of their cocoon. We must change our perception, our attitude to help them reach out their dreams, rather than blaming them. They are not a curse to the society, but its our outlook that has labelled them so.