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Brief Idea About Lesbianism

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This is the weird topic to discuss about; but still we have to accept that is the bitter truth or a sort of strange practice that does exists in the world. It mainly defines about homosexuality between females who are called as lesbians. These types of women experience strong feeling towards the same sex regardless of the actual sexual orientation. You can otherwise call it as same sex attraction that still prevails.

Lesbianism Is Not Harmful

Though this concept is too hard to accept or too bitter to digest; still you can sense it being harmless. As goes the saying that every dark cloud has a silver lining; so is the case here. It is quite safe practising lesbianism as there is less vulnerability of getting prone to other forms of sexual assaults. History has also witnessed the culture of lesbianism and is trying to accept it till date; although people are bit reluctant in giving lesbians the social right as given to others in a society.

Lesbians; Under A Dark Cover

Women in homosexual relationships feared to reveal their identity, or disclose their personal lives because they apprehended mockery and disrespect from the society, that was completely against such practice. But the Lesbos formed a committee of their own and they would educate each other and form their bonding. The embarrassing situation that they faced was the reason behind their hidden identity. Political issues, discrimination, and such type of pressures were not conducive to the homosexual females.

A Ray Of Hope

But gradually and eventually they proved to be trend setter, by the greater social and economic freedom that allowed them to gain an identity in the society and with the consent that they could also form families and establish a social relationship. Taking examples from the famous personalities in the history, the society started to accept if also in a meagre way; but still some sort of freedom was given to them and they could avail the society as a free bird.

Lesbianism Is Not About Sexual Practice

You must not get into the concept of sexual practices between women when it comes to lesbianism. There may be only a strong affinity or a strong emotional bonding between two females that may draw them so close that the bond becomes inseparable, barring any form of sexual practices. You can get information from the history that maximum laureates who were highly intelligent were lesbians. You can find this type of homosexuality in all cultures, but you cannot trace any illegal activity from this practice. Lesbians enjoy their lives as they feel without harming the decorum of the society, but as the society is orthodox and it believes only in the conjugation between opposite sexes, it is becoming difficult for them to accept it.

A Separate World Of Their Own

In a different perspective; we must realise that even they are humans who are recognised to be honoured with the same rights as the normal people, and we must not harm them, as they don’t harm us. And just broadening our outlook, we must allow them to pursue their lives in their own way.