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Lesbians are no longer regarded as a blot on the society, and to prove this right several authors have come up to the forefront explaining homosexuality. There are wide collections of lesbian books that contain nonfiction and fiction based on the character and viability of lesbians. The very first book to be published by Radclyffe Hall was The Well of Loneliness that made a block buster record and then on there was gradual increase in the book list such as very neat piece of literatures like Night wood, The Price of Salt, Spring Fire, The Chocolates for Breakfast. And some famous master piece work that is appreciated since ages are The Color Purple, The Beebo Brinker chronicles, Tipping The Velvet, Annie On My Mind and many more. The popular books dealing with lesbian cultures have been a step to the survival of that special form of life in the society. Not only this, people purchase the book and enjoy reading it knowing the hidden facts behind their existence. These books are published or written in order to emphasise on the sexual orientation and making the public aware that this is not a deadly disease that requires amputation or discrimination. This is also a wing of humanity that is indeed special

Women Love Not A Bad Omen Anymore

The word lesbian is coined from the Greek islands of Lesbos that was left to the famous poet Sapphos. She has little of her poetry to life that brings out the lives of women, their daily activities, their beauty and many more. Female homosexual behaviour can be found in any culture but you will be surprised to know about some famous personalities who were lesbians and yet they came out in flying colours despite a biased sexual orientation. Known as the mother of social work Jane Addams was a lesbian who laid the foundation of Hull House Chicago which was a milestone achievement. She was also a Nobel peace prize winner; nothing could stop her from succeeding. You must be familiar to American Idol and how can you forget the judge Ellen DeGeneres, who is a lesbian too. The famous director Jamie Babbit is also a homosexual and she has won numerous prizes. If we dive into politics, you will hear the name of the congress representative from Wisconsin Tammy Baldwin who is a fierce advocate of lesbian gay bisexuals and trans genders. The very famous Ann Bannon who is the author of lesbian pulp fiction has penned several books on lesbianism and is one of them. The very popular blues singer Gladys Bentley is also a part of the same sex society.

Good News Ahead

So, it is no more a blot or a stigma or an embarrassment to be a lesbian and it feels nice to hear that homosexuals will be given their due rights and independence and no law can be exercised on them to put a restriction in the way of their living and now they are also free from the bondage and can breathe in the fresh air as a free bird.