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An Effort To Orient The Lesbians

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The basic therapy given to the lesbians regarding their sexual orientation is reparative therapy that includes modification of behaviour or a type of counselling reorientation to help them overcome their homosexual tendencies. This is considered to be helpful as it contains a comprehensive treatment without medicines. So you can adopt psychotherapy that tries to remove or alleviate the homosexual attractions or same sex appeal through reparative therapy.

Society And Homosexuality

People around or the society has a very bad impression regarding the lesbians. They are considered as sinners, they are condemned and they are left to their loneliness. Society has always been a pinching needle to them rather than being a protective umbrella. The social stigma, the negative attitude, the growing aversion leads to a greater level of depression among the lesbians. So before we try to change them, we must look into our insight and must change our attitude thinking that lesbianism is not a crime and lesbians can be rectified through counselling.

Political Views Regarding Homosexuality

Not only relatives, but also politicians build up a lot of pressure in the life of lesbians by imposing strict laws and restrictions for them. For numerous times this has been used as scapegoat by the people. But now they have also tried to give same equality to all the genders including the homosexuals in the field of business, jobs in govt. Sectors through non discrimination policies. The trend of lesbians was more common in military due to strict sex separation or the method of segregation. Many countries openly accept this type of relationship to promote a strong bonding, rather them thinking them as a threat.

Does Religion Accept Homosexuality?

We have often heard the name of Adam and eve who were the first to take the world to a new height, but we have not heard the name of Sodom and Gomorrah who were homosexuals. This is the instance from bible that clearly reveals its mentality regarding lesbianism. Religion abides by one law of sharing a heterosexual conjugal life finally transformed into marriage to give birth to the next generation. Lesbianism is a transitory problem that exhibits homosexuality which is disrespected by all. Religion considers them as sinners and their presence in any ceremony is bad but today the case is not so, even they are involved in the ceremonies as they are also the children of god. People may condemn the homosexuals in the context of marriage but if it comes to one’s own way of leading life, you cannot discriminate it. There was a concept earlier that same sex love is unnatural, it invites all disasters, epidemics, and it is a form of sexual abuse. But currently with the advancement of law and order, lesbians were blessed with the decision in their favour with the right to living keeping their own dignity and respect preserved. You must see it as a new perspective of homo sapiens in the form of homosexuals, that has recovered a dark night and has struggled to survive the society.